Luxury hotels, resorts, estates, condos, bed & breakfasts, yachts, jets, and exotic adventures for special events, meetings, holidays, and more.  Across the USA and globally.

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Where We Build Your Unique Event Vision

Your corporate or personal life experiences deserve simply the best in luxury and world-class, unforgettable amenities. Our Airst Hospitality Specialists re-create your vision and make your special dreams come true.

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Complimentary Consultation

Our Hospitality Client Specialists know about unique, world-class environments for your special event, conference, meeting, or holiday.  Curated by the Airsts. 

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Airst curates very experienced, professional event experts. It’s all about you and your wonderful ideas, dream and vision. Special, unique event planning and management solutions. Your Airst Hospitality Client Specialist is available on a limited basis due to high demand.

Holidays, Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries & Birthdays

Your special date is as important to us as it is to you. We know life memories are forever.

Conferences & Seminars

Professionalism and timely, while upscale luxe. Advanced digital technology, security, online reservations, and more.

Menu Planning & Catering

Healthy, yet luxurious meals and beverages for the sophisticated, discriminating palate.

Corporate, Shareholder Meetings

We treat your event as if it were our own. A full array of advanced technology and more.

Family Office Meetings & Reunions

Privacy, security, and confidentiality are paramount.


A wide variety of musical genres for all types of events, ages, lifestyles, sophisticated tastes, and aesthetic senses.

Curated Hospitality Environments

Airst has carefully chosen beautiful, world-class locations. Thoughtfully organized, healthy, luxurious, intriguing environments for your special event, meeting or vacation. An Airst Hospitality Client Specialist can prepare a private and confidential, online complimentary presentation for your review and consideration. 

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