AIRST invests in a variety of business ventures which focus on the following areas: technology platforms, commercial real estate, lifestyle/health industry sectors with products and services. We also provide the online payment processing services for the websites owned by Airst, supported by respected USA and global merchant secure payment processing companies, on behalf of these businesses and brands which are managed by Airst.

Our Mission: To support people in creating more efficient, healthier and happier lives.

We focus on sincerely caring for people, as well as identifying society trends and needs that can be fulfilled. Seizing opportunities. Building expert teams and networks to assist us. Being nimble and adaptable. Remaining cost conscious and seeking value that we can pass on to our investors, co-workers, and customers/clients. These are just a few of the main reasons that we have a substantial history and still exist during rapidly changing environments and economies.

AIRST is a privately-owned, family venture with over 20 years of successful experience.

For more information and fastest service, use the Contact Form on this website or the Contact Form on the specific branded website you are using which is owned and managed by AIRST.

For Customer/Client Support and New Inquiries regarding our brands,
use the Main Phone: (800) 209-1910 EST USA.

Our mailing address is:

Wells Fargo Center
100 S. Ashley Drive, Suite 600
Tampa, Florida  33602  USA